Artist’s statement

In a time where being connected and informed on any subject has never been easier, so much that it makes us restless rather than satisfied, Dieke tries to visualize this conflict; Painting offers her room for reflection, a way to balance the harsh realities of the world and our own personal experiences.

She states that memories are not a linear event, but rather that it is a layered and fragmented ‘truth’. Memories are not the experience itself but what is left of a moment after it has become deformed by our emotions and previous experiences in life. She is curious as to how these contradictions can live alongside each other and what new narrative can be created by visualizing them on canvas.


“I am guided by the texture, the characteristics of the paint and my own state of mind. I am interested in the changing aspects of memories and the narrative of stories. There is room left in the image for the viewer to project their own experience or reality on the image. I am looking to create images that are in conflict.”


In the paintings of Dieke Coumans you can often recognize figures that are distorted or out of place. They seem to blend into their surroundings, and are lost in a world that is not clearly defined. Her work could be described as figurative, but figuration is then used as a tool and is not the goal in its self. She works with collage techniques, found photos, screen printing, Oil paint, Acrylic paint, markers, pastels and different kinds of glazing.


At the moment she lives and works in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.