Graduation Exhibition

I have shown three works during the gratuation exhibition at AKV. St Joost.

The first one is an installation.

The seccond one consists of two paintings.

And the third one is called the ‘Dirt Cube’.

About the installation; I started with a clean wall and two canvasses sized 130 x 200 cm. During our exhibiton I started painting. Every day something changed because I either added something or took something away. In the end I never wanted it to be completed and the pictures you will see below were taked 2 days before the end of the exhibition. The canvasses are only documentation and forever left incomplete whitout the surrounding immages.

I wanted to experiment with the amount of space that had been made available, because of our exhibition and to challenge the visitors to view our works and exhibition as something quite temporary.

In my work I often look for a contrast between figuration and abstraction and between something soft and something harsh. I add different painted ‘scenes’ on top of each other and each one changes the meaning of the visual story I am trying to tell. What I paint is guided by everyday life, my mood, the news, social media and my memmories. The ‘white’ of a canvas is not empty at all, because it gives you no clear answer about where something ends and where something starts.

Two paintings, ‘Untitled’, 110 x 160 cm, oilpaint and graphic markers on canvas, spring 2019.

These two paintings are part of an ongoing project about my views on femininity. I look for some kind of tension between something sweet, or erotic, or colorfull and some kind of undefined structure, or maybe rather something that is empty, left empty? Or painted empty? I feel that something can be real even when you only imagine it. When I paint I look for things that are real.

I want the viewer to be able to search for a definition.

The ‘Dirt Cube’.

The outside of the cube refers to traditional exhibition spaces; ’the White Cube’, but on the inside you can see a informal space; something that looks like a atelier or a living room. The inside of the ‘Dirt Cube’ was necessary for me to have  during the exhibition. I stored my materials there which I needed for another work of mine (the one you can see featured above) and I also needed some space to ‘escape’ our exhibiton, something which all my classmates also took adventage of.

The ‘Dirt Cube’ has become a work by itself while only being a means to support something else; my work. My paintings can stand by themselves and they are what I truly view as my art practise. Our classroom was anything but clean and white during my time studying at AKV. St Joost. I wanted to show the contrast and difference beteen making a work and presenting it to the outside world.